English Camp Report

We took a two-week break from setting up our new apartment to attend the English Camp in Vác. There were two camps running simultaneously, one for younger children and one for teens. Tricia was involved with the younger camp where Hannah and Matthew were participating as campers, while I was in a conversation group in the teen camp. We had a group of Americans that came over to work as staff in the camp, along with a zany fellow from Scotland who has come for several camps in the past and loves coming back every year.

Our kids loved the camp and loved making new friends. Hannah made fast friends with two girls from the younger camp. Later, it turned out that one of the girls lives in Budapest, actually lives in the same district as we do, and in fact lives about a five-minute walk from our apartment! Considering that we live in a city of two million people, this seems nothing short of remarkable to us and is a huge answer to prayer. Hannah was especially hit hard by leaving all of her friends in Fillmore, NY, so we very much wanted her to find a friend for her quickly. That we were able to find one who lives so close and knows at least some English is a great blessing. We have already been invited by the family to go over for a visit today. The girl’s parents are very friendly. They don’t speak much English themselves, but they seem eager to be friends with us. We praise God for this answer!

Attendance at camp seemed a bit low this year, though we’re not sure why. Nevertheless, there was a very good atmosphere (in spite of the sometimes unbearable heat!), and relationships were made or deepened. We have heard initial reports of a couple of campers who came to the Lord for the first time, and we know that others were challenged in their thinking about God, while others were deepened in their knowledge of Him. The conversation group that I was involved in had three staff people but only two campers! But the two campers were college-aged, had quite good English, and participated very thoughtfully in the conversations. Both of them had been to previous camps and wanted to come back. We discussed many important questions related to God, the meaning of life, and moral truths. Our group translator, Saci (pronounced “shot-see”) has been with OMS in the English camps and at our church in Budapest for many years. She has a strong testimony and loves to share about the Lord with the students.

So we are very glad that we participated in camp. I hope to have a video blog about our camp experience soon. We are also in the middle of trying to finish getting our apartment together so that we can get back to living a normal life (as opposed to life with boxes, suitcases, and other items strewn about our home!).


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