The Rain in Spain . . .

We just returned from a four-day intensive conference in Madrid with other OMS missionaries from Europe (and it actually did rain a little!). We heard some exciting testimonies of what God is doing around the world through the ministry of OMS in the area of church planting. We also had the opportunity to plan for the future of our own church planting ministries here in Hungary. It was a great encouragement. While it is true that in recent decades church growth in Europe has been very stagnant, we were reminded that this has been the case in other places in the world in the past. Yet some of those stagnant mission fields turned around and produced great movements of people turning to Christ and new churches being planted. God is able to do abundantly more than we can ask or imagine. We were challenged to begin trusting Him for greater things.

One of the biggest emphases was that it starts with fervent prayer. Of course we all believe that prayer is essential to the work of ministry. But we were reminded by OMS leadership that fervent prayer is key to receiving the promises of God. We are in the process of looking for fervent prayer warriors to join us in this task.

We also examined our current strategies and how intentional we are about preaching the Gospel, helping new believers grow in their faith, and teaching them to share the Good News with others. I was excited when I saw that many of the things we’ve done in the past were good ministries, but some of them had been neglected for the last several years. I believe we can see God work through these ministries again, with greater results and greater effectiveness. All in all, we had a very beneficial and uplifting time in Spain.

Our kids had a lot of fun meeting other OMS missionary kids from Europe. Some people came to the conference for the express purpose of watching our kids while we sat in meetings all day. The kids played games, did crafts, had their own age-appropriate Bible studies, and really had a lot of fun. They were hoping we could do this every year. While there was talk of doing more meetings in the future, it’s unlikely that this will become an annual event.