Fraser Family Update

Hello to all our praying friends!

We hope and pray that you’re able to have a wonderful week celebrating Thanksgiving with your friends and family.

We have so much to be thankful for, including:

· John’s trip to the U.S. went well last month. He’s one step closer to his PhD and Tricia and the kids fared well in his absence.
· Our team had a retreat last month that was both productive and relaxing. We had meetings together to discuss the direction of ministry here, and also enjoyed fun activities like bowling and some escape rooms. We’re thankful for a great team!
· The kids continue to adjust well to school. Our first round of report cards came out and everyone did great!
· Our new residence permits are ready for John to pick up at immigration. We’re thankful that process is done for another couple of years!

As we move into the holiday season, we have many prayer requests as well:

  • This Thursday, Nov. 23, John will teach at another apologetics coffeehouse event. Please pray for him as he prepares and teaches. Pray that God will bring the people He wants to hear John’s message and that He will speak through John to bring people closer to Himself.
  • On Sunday, Nov. 26, John will preach in our local church, for the first Sunday of advent. (Advent starts a week earlier here this year because they count Dec. 24th as Christmas, so with Christmas Eve falling on Sunday, the first Sunday of advent comes earlier here than in the U.S.)
  • Our building renovation continues to progress and we hope to see completion within a month or so!
  • Most of all, we ask you to pray for Hannah. She suffered another concussion at a soccer game on Nov. 18th. You might remember her concussion two years ago, how it moved into post-concussive syndrome, and that her recovery ended up stretching out over four months. We’re praying that her recovery might be shorter this time, although recovery time for repeat concussions tends to be longer the more you have. Please pray for her! She hasn’t been to school since it happened and is home with headaches, dizziness, light sensitivity, and so on. We’re praying for healing, for encouragement, for the ability to keep up with her schoolwork, and for protection from further head injuries! In the midst of it, we’re very thankful for all the people who’ve been praying for us and supporting us. Her teachers and the staff at the school are very understanding and we’re especially thankful for that.

This week we will enjoy a short Thanksgiving break and will celebrate with our OMS Hungary team. We’re thankful that God is with us, even through our ups and downs.

Thanks so much for your prayers that uphold us!

With love from the Frasers

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