Fraser Family Update

September 2017

Hello to all our praying friends!

We appreciated your prayers for us during the very busy month of August. The Roma English camp was stretching for us, as we taught Bible stories to three different age groups every day. We talked a lot about freedom from bondage, along with seeking God first rather than the blessings He can give us. Hannah and Jonathan served as our puppeteers! It was our first time at this camp, but our teammates who’ve been there in previous years all remarked on how the behavior of the kids has been improving as they’ve participated in the ministry of our partner church – both the annual English camp, and their year-round after school program. There were some great discussions with the older kids especially, and Hannah hit it off with the girls.

Hannah and Jonathan helped during the Bible story time with a puppet show at the Roma camp

After we returned home, I started my two-week orientation for my new full-time volunteer position at the International Christian School of Budapest (ICSB). John held down the fort with the kids, and then school began last week. For the first time, four of us are heading to the school all day every day!

We’re praising God for :

A great start to the school year for all three of the kids.

Jonathan is particularly excited and is loving his teacher, his classmates, and fun classes like art, music, computers, and PE. God gave him an opportunity over the summer to get to know one of his classmates, and that has been a huge blessing, helping him feel less nervous during his first week.

We’re thankful for all the resources available in and around the school. Matthew’s math teacher, a missionary with a passion for teaching math and science, enables him to leave the school every day so that he can take Pre-Calc, while the rest of the freshmen are in Algebra or Geometry. He’s also playing volleyball for the first time.

Hannah is off to a great start with her first advanced placement class – AP Literature. Now that she’s done with gymnastics, her free time is being spent writing and painting, and she’s joined the varsity soccer team, as a brand-new soccer player!

Please pray for:

In addition to working full-time in the library, I will also be tutoring a 9th grader in social studies four hours a week. He was adopted from China a couple of years ago, is struggling to learn English and also has learning disabilities, along with other health problems. This will be a new experience for me and I covet your prayers that I’ll be able to teach this young man well.

John is gearing up for his fall class at Liberty. One step closer to his PhD! Last month he preached at two of our partner churches, and he leads our team Bible study every week. Please continue to pray for further teaching opportunities for him. We’ve heard of a number of possibilities coming up, but nothing has been firmed up yet.

Our ministry center renovation is ongoing! Pray for continued provision of the necessary funds and for the work to be done in a timely fashion. Government incentives for construction have created a boom, which has slowed everything down and created a shortage of labor and increased cost for supplies.

Our car continues to have problems and we’re shopping for a new one. Would you pray that God would lead us to just the right vehicle – that would be affordable and dependable?

Thanks so much for your prayers that uphold us!

With love from the Frasers

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