Life in Hungary

Magyarország, te vagy a szívembe írva,

Magyarország, te vagy a lelkemre bízva . . .

Hungary, you are written in my heart,

Hungary, you are entrusted to my soul . . .

These are the words from a popular Hungarian song, but many of us non-Hungarians who have sojourned here can identify with them as well. The years of our life in Hungary have been at times eventful, surprising, frustrating, challenging, and inspiring. We have seen God at work in our lives and in the lives of those around us, and we are glad to share some of that story with you. After all, it’s all His story!

In September, 2002 we first came to Hungary to serve as missionaries with One Mission Society. In the 10+ years that we have worked here, we have had many different roles. Currently John is serving as the theological education coordinator on the field, which includes teaching classes with our partner organizations and churches, as well as developing ministries in apologetics and discipleship. He is also trying to finish his Ph.D. in theology.

Tricia spent several years homeschooling our three kids, Hannah, Matthew, and Jonathan. She also served in various supporting roles on the field. Beginning in September, 2017, Tricia is working full-time at the International Christian School of Budapest. There she works as a library assistant as well as helping students with special needs.

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